..and the good news keeps on coming. Thank you!!

Wow, you just cannot believe it, but as of July our 126 groups have 1,407 members (we added 2 new groups last month) and their cumulative savings is (are you ready for this?) R 2 060 590 from this year ALONE! Retained earnings R 628 438, return on savings 30%! Now I ask you, where else in the world can you see those kinda numbers?? Helpless, hopeless township residents? I THINK NOT!!

More good news…….Today we had a welcome visitor, Martin Muller from Beier Safety Footwear. He came to deliver boots for the training officers. I sent out a request to several SA companies asking them to donate boots and Martin came through for us. This winter has hit township areas hard and the mud the officers have to slog through is relentless. These boots will make a huge difference. Thank you, thank you, thank you Martin and Beier Safety!!


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