Project Impact

Measuring Impact

Our performance indicators include:

• Reaching 800 individuals from vulnerable households in 100 savings groups per year, 90% of which should graduate after a year of follow up from the Training Officers.
• Group members acquire an average annual savings of R600 and an average of 30% return on their savings.
• Diversifying sources of their income through 50% of group members who improve or start up microenterprises.
• Group members obtain at least one asset; preferably a productive asset.
• Reducing 50% of members’ debt particularly from money lenders, credit cards and hire purchase arrangements is another result we hope to achieve.
• Improved social capital amongst group members.

Evidence of Impact

Findings from in-depth interviews

“Mpendulo Savings taught us the value of being a group besides saving money. They taught us how to save money and make money for ourselves rather than going to loan sharks. Now we can buy things cash, give medical care for our kids and family. Now we know better about business.”

After joining the Mpendulo and forming a savings group, a majority (79%) of members feel better or good about their role in their household. Many stated that their family had new respect for them and that they felt liberated and relieved to not always have to ask their husbands or partners for money when they needed it. One woman said, “We don’t have to wait for our husband’s money. With our savings, we as women can also contribute to the household”.

“Usually when we met each other on the street we would just say hello and move on; but now we will say hi and stop to actually talk to each other. That’s good fellowship.”
“We learned how to communicate within the household and our groups”
“We learned how to interact with the people in our group and our next door neighbors.”
“There’s no more stress, no more worry because our group is now here to help us.”
“It helped me in times of sickness and through the project we got English classes.”

Microenterprise development

“I have a business and the project helped me to go to Port Elizabeth to buy material in bulk”.
“Because of the project, my business is strong and I can now expand”
“I started a business and therefore I could pay off my debt”.

Avoiding debt

“It helped us with school fees, we are more focused. Instead of taking the whole year to pay off school fees, you take a loan in your group and pay the school fees all at once and then repay the loan quickly.”
“I thank the Lord for this project. We are saving our own money and keeping away from ‘skoppers’ (money lenders).”

Household improvements

“I bought a 3-piece kitchen unit, a fridge and a washing machine [with share out cash].”
“It makes a total difference in the household because we can get loans, pay back with interest, which means more money [at the end of the year].”
“I can now buy clothes, food and everything in the household.”
“We strive forward and it’s a help where there is no income [in the household].”

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